To all spectators,

Firstly we would like to thank all those who support our club in the right way. We appreciate your adherence to our philosophy and code of conduct, and we are proud that you uphold our values and set good examples to the children.  Unfortunately not every parent / spectator behaves in the way we would like.

It is common knowledge that within the grass roots game environment, there is a small percentage of adults that choose to act in a negative way from the side-lines.  This behaviour breaches not only our own codes of conduct (please see our website for a copy), but is also in breach of the FA Respect campaign.  It is the committee’s opinion that such behaviour arises ultimately as a result of adults’ unrealistic expectations of their child.  Therefore as a committee we will hold everybody responsible for their own actions.  We also expect our coaches to set a good example and support us in creating the right environment for children to learn and have fun.  From here on, the committee will be taking a much tougher stance on negative side-line behaviour.  In particular, if we feel that children are being exposed to messages or behaviour that impacts on their emotional development, and that behaviour contradicts the clubs philosophy – ownership, creativity and learning through play – we will proceed with our disciplinary procedure.

Going forward, the club’s strategic plan is not only to increase participation, but to maintain our reputation; of which the committee, most parents, volunteers and players, have worked so hard to build.  We will now place the emphasis on quality rather than quantity, and as we now have extensive waiting lists to join the club, we will have no hesitation in asking people to leave in the interests of the players. 

The committee has made contact with several parents / spectators over the previous weeks and is proactively making contact with several more in the next few days, who have been reported to us for breaching some of our codes of conduct.

If you yourselves have any concerns over parents, spectators or coaches, please contact us via the following committee members – Brenden Barker, Mark Bywater, or Mathew Everett.  Contact details will be found on our website.  You can also do this via messaging on the Facebook site, or on Twitter.


As we are approaching the end of the season, we are also implementing our new club contracts and codes of conduct. All coaches will be required to sign these, and so will all parents and players.  Signing on will take place on two evenings which will be arranged shortly.  All players and a parent need to attend.  They will listen to a short presentation by the coach and a committee member, then sign the papers to state that they are in agreement of our philosophy, code of conduct, and our disciplinary process.  Unless they attend one of these sessions, they will not be able to sign for the upcoming year. Forms will not be given out to sign and return, as in previous years.